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Forest Road

Whether you are facing your first diagnosis or a recurrence of cancer, you may feel overwhelmed and hesitant about how to proceed

Let us take care of that.

We have the responsibility to educate our patients about all facets of their health and treatment. Never hesitate to ask because there are no bad questions.  Being well informed will make you more confident in your health and survival.

Our responsibility is to provide you with the most effective treatment plan and help you navigate the challenges you may face along your journey. Our team will work together to provide you with everything you need.

At your first visit be sure to bring your insurance cards, all your current medications (or a detailed list of them), and any medical records not already forwarded to us. You will check in with a medical receptionist and fill out various forms. A medical assistant will help you fill out the health questionnaire, enter your medication list in the electronic medical record, check your vital signs, and help you get seated in an examination room.


Sometimes it is necessary to wait while the doctor is managing an unexpected emergency or assisting another patient who is having complications. We do not want to rush patients but give all patients the full time they need. Be assured that your doctor will spend all the time with you that you need.

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